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What is AfterSearch?

Icon-64AfterSearch is a Safari extension which makes your web browsing much faster and easier. It is very common task that you enter some keywords into the address bar to find information, and click the link to the page you deserve. But the page is sometimes quite long, in particular if the page is a forum or a mailing list archive. In this case, you choose ‘Edit’->’Find’->’Find…’ from the main menu, or type Command-F to summon the ‘Find’ bar.

The most frustrating part is that the Find text field contains only the first keyword you entered in the address bar by default. If you want to find the second or the third keyword in the page, you have to type the keyword in the field or copy & paste from the address bar.

With AfterSearch extension, you no longer have to use the Find bar. Every keyword is displayed as a button in the extension bar, and you can just click the button to find the keyword in the page currently displayed!

>AfterSearch Support


Download the extension here and double click to install.


Enter search keywords as usual.


As soon as you type ‘Enter’ key, every keyword is listed in the extension bar as a button.


Notice that the double-quoted keyword is treated as a single keyword, and the Negative Match keyword is not listed.

You can just click any keyword button to find it in the page. Click again to find the next.

The buttons stay in the bar until you enter new keywords in the address bar, and the extension bar is independent for each browser window.


You can change the highlight color in the ‘Extensions’ tab in the Preferences window.


Happy Safari browsing!

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